Outer Space

Outer Space is a sativa-dominant strain and a great daytime treatment for so many different medical conditions including eye pressure, mood disorders, pain, G.I. disorders, and migraines.



Outer Space is a sativa-dominant hybrid, and is the child of Island Sweet Skunk and Trinity. It has a strong aroma and flavor described as sweet berry and citrus. This strain is a good daytime treatment for a wide range of disorders including depression, stress, pain, GI distress, migraines, eye pressure, and mood disorders. The effects are described as energetic, creative, happy, and uplifted.

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    Outer Space is one of my favorite strains for day. It gives me energy and motivation along with a great buzz! Outer Space helps with my spinal pain.

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    Another top notch strain!! You can really feel the medication kick in. A+

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