Otto is a high-CBD, sativa-dominant strain with very little THC.



The strain Otto has been speculated to come from two landrace strains, an Afghani and a Thai. This strain was bred specifically for medical patients looking for the medicinal benefits of a CBD strain with almost no psychoactive effects from THC. Otto can be used on its own to treat inflammation, anxiety, and fatigue, or it can be mixed with a higher THC strain to aid in pain relief. The flavor and aroma are mild and earthy.

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    This strain is perfect for someone wanting the medicinal benefits of CBD without getting a head high at all. I would recommend this to patients that need a reliable level of CBD when they medicate. Nerve impulse conditions can be worsened when a strain with high THC and no CBD is used. Patients with Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, or nerve conditions should try mixing this strain with other flower they use for the treatment of their symptoms.

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