OG #18

This indica-dominant hybrid is the perfect choice for relaxation and leisure.



OG #18 is a phenotype of OG Kush. This strain delivers a long-lasting, relaxing high and will leave you in a trance. Our budtenders recommend this strain for stress, depression, other mood disorders, pain, nausea, and insomnia. OG #18 is said to have a flavor and aroma reminiscent of pine, pungent earth, and sour diesel.

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    This is my favorite strain right now. I love the flower, and I REALLY love the wax! OG #18 is my happy maker. Any stress or irritations I have are immediately gone when I use this strain. One dab is enough to turn my day around! Those with stress, depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders need to give this strain a try. It is relaxing for the body and mind. The description of the aroma might not sell it at first, but OG #18 is one of the most unique and best smelling strains to me. I love the terpenes in this one.

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    What a great strain! One of my favorite hybrids right now. A+

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