Chemdawg 91

Chemdawg 91 is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an overall high cannabinoid profile, making this strain fantastic for the treatment of many severe medical conditions.


Chemdawg 91 is a hybrid strain that leans slightly sativa. It can be good for a cerebral buzz, that also provides full-body pain relief. Chemdawg 91 is thought to be a cross between the original Chemdawg strain and Skunk. This strain is known for having a high THC level along with a high cannabinoid profile overall, which makes this strain great for the treatment of severe pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, muscle aches, lack of appetite, nausea, and depression. The flavor and aroma of this strain is said to be similar to strong pine.

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    really enjoy this one , not too heavy and not to light , just perfection :)

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