Alien Jack

Alien Jack is a sativa-dominant hybrid.


Alien Jack is the child of (Alien OG x Chemdawg #4) x Jack Herer. The flavor and aroma are said to be like citrus and pine. Alien Jack has a cerebral high that will lift you out of fatigue, stress, or depression. This strain is also a fantastic treatment for severe pain.

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    anxiety city !!

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    Bought 3.5g at anna dispensary and it’s not too bad. A thc content of 17.10 % total makes it a choice if you want to try a sativa dominant flower that’s not high in the upper 20s in thc. The flower has a nice density to it but not really compact which i prefer compact personally. Taste is ok but difficult to tell since having coffe with it, which wouldn’t be a correct review of taste at moment. Overall review is it’s a good flower that if your busy but need to medicate then this will work with small doses and lower thc percentage for your daytime meds. My experience is a relaxed, mentally calm, mood elevated high with a smalll affect to nerve pain.

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    The live resin is 🔥. I have multiple sclerosis and wicked pain from muscle spams this helps hugely. I used a dab straw…taste was lemon and hints of pine..smells like pinesol lol

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