Medical Cannabis Patients In the News: Day 1 Recap

Yesterday was incredible, and we want to thank everyone that came out to mark the beginning of legal medical cannabis in Illinois!

Several news articles did a great job of covering the launch putting the focus of the program where it belongs: on the patients and their path to easing their symptoms.
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Salveo Health & Wellness Open House

The Salveo Health & Wellness Dispensary in Canton, Illinois is nearly ready to go and in the spirit of openness and community we held an open house yesterday to show the public our vision of medical cannabis in the state. Our focus in the design was to create a welcoming, comforting space for our patients, our caregivers, and our community.

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Medical Cannabis Outreach Featured In The News

Our patient education partners Medical Cannabis Outreach were featured recently in the McDonough County Voice! The paper covered the seminar last weekend in Macomb, one of the many free educational seminars that MCO has been hosting. Caprice Price Sweatt, the group’s founder, related that the vast majority of interest that they’ve received has been from people bucking the prevailing stereotypes of cannabis consumers. As the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program has intended, the vast majority of people she’s spoken with are patients with severe and debilitating illnesses.

“We have a lot of MS (multiple sclerosis) patients. A lot of MS patients, a lot of cancer patients,” Sweatt said. “I have a lot of terminal cancer patients that at this point, they haven’t even smoked cannabis before and they’re just going to try it because they have no other alternatives.”

Salveo Health & Wellness owner Scott Miller was also on hand, outlining some of the needs filled by MCO’s work.

“There’s fingerprinting, costs, paperwork,” Miller said. “There’s a lot of hoops to get signed up, and a need for seminars to help people figure the process out.”

Hat’s off the Medical Cannabis Outreach for continuing our mission of serving communities, spreading information, and helping patients. There is a seminar scheduled this Saturday, June 6. If you are interested but can’t make it keep checking back with the group on Facebook as more events are announced.