HW_FC_D_StackedIt is with great happiness that we announce that Salveo Health & Wellness will be selling Medical cannabis starting tomorrow Monday November 9th at our dispensary located at 3104 North Main Street, in Canton, Illinois. We have received shipments today from four cultivators, and the state and Biotrack software are finishing up a few last minute items tonight. As long as there are no problems with any of these we are good to go.

We are providing temporary expanded hours of operations to give all our patients the time they deserve when visiting our dispensary. We will be open from 10am to 7pm Monday thru Sunday this week. We have 12 medical cannabis strains available as dry flower from several growers for sale. The number of strains we carry will grow from here and oil, concentrates, and edibles will follow down the line.

This website will be updated with information on the strains that will be available. Call us at 309-647-9333 if you have any questions about what will be in the store, about the best product to treat your condition, or about pricing.

Prior to coming to the facility you will want to make sure the following is done:

  1. You have received your patient card or caregiver card from the state. We cannot serve you without a valid state ID card.
  2. You have selected Salveo Health & Wellness as your dispensary by emailing the state or sending in the appropriate paperwork. If you have not received a confirmation that your dispensary selection was approved please contact us and we can see if you are on our patient list or not.
  3. You bring a proof of ID. A driver’s license, state ID card or passport will work. As part of the process we are required to verify your identity with this additional identification.

Thank you to everyone who has shown tremendous enthusiasm and incredible patience as the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program has been getting set up. The program has had its share of delays and startup pains, but in the end we’re hopeful that this will mean a streamlined process with the least amount of possible snags going forward.

We consider it our privilege to be here at the beginning serving patients in Illinois that have been waiting so long for relief. A couple of our patients were gracious enough to allow us to share their stories, and we think their experiences highlight why a legal medical cannabis program is so necessary, and so long overdue.

Tim Stallings and Martha Mercer will be among the first patients to purchase legal medical cannabis in Illinois.

ms and cannabis
When Tim was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Marfan syndrome in 2003 he was prescribed 15 different medications including several heavy-duty narcotics. “They didn’t help at all with my symptoms,” he said, “ and I couldn’t function.”

While there is no cure for M.S., medical cannabis has been known to help with several symptoms including spasticity, muscle spasms, chronic pain, tremors, digestive problems, vision dimness, and dysfunctions of walking and balance.

“If I don’t use cannabis for medication the muscles in my body get tight and spasm,” Tim said. “My wife can tell you when I’m out of medicine. She can watch the muscles in my back do the ‘wave’ when I try to sleep at night. This is often painful and exhausting.”

Tim said that the opening of Salveo Health & Wellness means that he will now be able to purchase safe, legal, medical-quality cannabis without fear of prosecution.

“When patients receive their cards from the State of Illinois, we will be able to purchase the medication we need,” Tim said. “I will know what the medicine contains, and know that it’s safe for consumption. Most importantly, I will be able to consult with the staff at Salveo Health & Wellness to help select the strains that will help my symptoms.”

Concern about legality has been the only thing keeping Martha from using cannabis to treat her condition. According to a report given to the Illinois state legislature she is in the most common demographic for medical cannabis patients: women in their 50s who are diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia. Diagnosed over ten years ago Martha said, “Each day is a struggle with daily pain, extreme fatigue, depression, and a wide range of other unpleasant symptoms.”


Since there is no cure for fibromyalgia patients can only hope to treat symptoms. “Over the course of the last decade I have tried a gauntlet of prescription medications along with several non-traditional alleged remedies,” Martha said. “I was even in an FDA prescription study. All of those medications didn’t help or had extreme side effects.”

Martha currently relies on a combination of prescription painkillers, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and over-the-counter sleep aids. She says that the side effects from these drugs are often so severe that she forgoes medication and attempts to simply bear the symptoms of her condition.

“I have great hope that medical cannabis will give me relief from this relentless pain,” Martha said. “I’m looking forward to legally finding out what works best for me.”

At Salveo Health & Wellness we know the road to legal medical cannabis has been rocky up to this point, but we can’t wait to walk it with you.